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Yutong is making the win-win situation with the overseas dealers and working together to make the system of product and service perfect, help the customers have the maximum profit and wonderful experiences.
YUTONG service
Service Principles
  • Customer-oriented principle: promote the customer satisfaction through continuous promotion of the vehicle operation rate and fitting availability rate.
  • Maintenance priority principle: according to the principle of “troubleshooting first and accountability second", solve on-site problems as soon as possible for those arising in the use of vehicles to ensure the normal operation of vehicles.
  • Honesty and trustworthiness principle: pay attention to the integrity service, take the fact as the basis and do not deceive customers.
  • Value care principle: focus on desired values of customers in the service, and solve worries for customers.
  • Results-oriented principle: the service staff shall provide services strictly according to contents of mainline service standards.
YUTONG service
Service Commitment--12380
  • 1: When receiving a call from a user, give a clear answer or response within one hour, and make arrangements and inform the user;
  • 2: If an on-site service is really needed, arrive at the designated place within a promised time, and perform a return visit for the maintenance service satisfaction within two days after the maintenance;
  • 3: Initiatively conduct the patrol inspection for three times during the warranty period to comprehensively and systematically carry out the specialized inspection and maintenance for the user's equipment;
  • 8: After arriving at the site, the service staff shall solve common failures within eight hours; before the completion of troubleshooting, the service staff shall not leave the site; if the service staff wants to leave the site, clear reasons for leaving and the permission of the customer need to be obtained;
  • 0: During the entire life cycle of the product from receiving the order to the scrap of the product, Yutong Heavy Industries will provide full trust and seamless communication and service to thoroughly eliminate worries of customers.
YUTONG service
Service Contents
  • Parts supply:
    • An inventory of over 80,000 parts worth more than $50 million.
    • Distribution centers all over the world.
  • Technology support:
    • Emergency needs is backed up by aircargo.
    • Online technological consulting.
    • Over-seas service of technology engineers.
  • Skill training:
    • Through Yutong's tailer-made skill-trainig programs, the proficiency of your operators.
    • Will be highly enhanced and your return-on-investment will be maximized.